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Provisioning example project fails #79

wizonesolutions opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Kevin Kaland
Kevin Kaland


The documentation says that it should be using vagrant@localhost, though I don't know if Drupal would like that any better. Should I try the develop branch on a fresh clone?

Kevin Kaland

Yeah, vagrant+site@localhost is definitely invalid. I guess people have been changing it manually or not actually testing the example project (which is understandable). I propose it be changed to If this sounds good, I will send a pull request.

Kevin Kaland

Looks like this is a bit subjective and might be upstream or related to PHP version:

Kevin Kaland

Hmm. I think #79 (comment) is still the way to go, although local mail routing may need to be set up for in addition to localhost, and I don't know how that'd work.

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