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2ndleveldeep? #80

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What became of 2ndleveldeep? It was referenced in but is nowhere to be found. I see myplanetdigital/secondlevel, but that doesn't seem to be an Ariadne project.


Ah, so this is where the #docFAIL happened... the "secondlevel" repo is indeed the correct place. When a repo_url is specified in the config file, then Ariadne assumes that our internal install profile format is being used:

In theory, Ariadne knows how to handle this sort of install profile (ie. where to find the scripts and what format to call them with). However, I think it's out of date at the moment. Having said that, I'm looking to get the secondlevel working again, as I need a base for jenkins-inception (which is the more active project at the moment).

I'm hoping to give secondlevel some love in the next week or so :)

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