Cypress FX3 firmware for the USB 3.0 LimeSDR board
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Dovydas-R FW4
Changed GPIF active clock edge to positive.
Commented LM75 and TCXO DAC initialization. TCXO DAC and LM75 are configured from NIOS.
Latest commit 27435fb Dec 4, 2017

LimeSDR-USB Cypress FX3 firmware

This repository contains the Cypress FX3 USB 3.0 microcontroller sources for the USB 3.0 LimeSDR board.


This repository contains the following hardware-specific branches:

  • master. Hardware revisions 1v4 and 1v3.
  • HW_1.2. Hardware revision 1v2.
  • HW_1.1. Hardware revision 1v1.


For details please see the COPYING file(s) and file headers. However, please note that the license terms stated do not extend to any files provided with the Cypress FX3 SDK.