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LimeSDR GPIO Board
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LimeSDR GPIO Board

LimeSDR GPIO Board board

The LimeSDR GPIO Board is an expansion board for the LimeSDR family that provides individually settable, bi-directional level-shifted I/O for FPGA GPIO 0-7. Each I/O has a high-voltage and power Darlington drive stage suitable for inductive loads, such as coaxial relays.

  • Provides bi-directional level shifted IO for GPIO 0-7
    • 1.2-5.5V IO on J2
  • Each IO has a high voltage and power Darlington drive stage
    • Acceptable rating 30V 300mA (0-4) 200mA (5-7)
    • Suitable for inductive loads
  • Input/Output are individually switch-able
  • LimeSDR form factor
  • Individually pluggable relay connections


The directory structure is as follows:

      Equivalent Circuits/
      Project Outputs/       - BOM, rule check reports, Gerbers, pick & place files, PDFs

      examples/		 - Simple software examples


Version Date Summary
0402 CAD2 21/02/18 First production version


LimeSDR GPIO Board copyright 2018 AB Open Ltd.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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