FPGA development platform for high-performance RF and digital design
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STREAM board fitted with a Myriad-RF 1 module

STREAM is a flexible platform for developing high-performance digital and RF designs using an Altera Cyclone IV FPGA and Lime Microsystems FPRF transceiver.

The original STREAM board incorporates SDRAM, Micro SD storage and a selection of other useful peripherals, with expansion via RFDIO and FMC mezzanine cards enabling use with both LMS6002-based Myriad-RF 1 and UNITE LMS7002M EVB RF modules.

uSTREAM is a low cost variant that incorporates a uRFDIO connector, enabling use with the uMyriadRF-6002 and uMyriadRF-7002 RF modules.

For more details about compatible Myriad-RF transceiver modules, see the Reference Development Kit.


The directory structure is as follows:

      lms6_usb_distro_03v/        - uSTREAM + uMyriadRF-6002 examples
      lms7_usb_distro_01v/        - uSTREAM + uMyriadRF-7002 examples
      STREAM_LMS7EVB_distro_07v/  - STREAM + UNITE LMS7002EVB examples

  docs/                      - platform documentation

      BOM/                   - bill of materials spreadsheet
      Case/                  - Aluminium case design
      Gerbers/               - Gerber CAM files
      KiCAD/                 - KiCAD schematic and layout files
      Manufacturing/         - Additional manufacturing information
      PDF/                   - Schematic and layout PDFs
      Reports/               - DRC, ERC and drill reports
      bin/                   - pre-built FPGA and Linux images
      doc/                   - HTML documentation for the Stream OpenRISC SoC
      quartus/               - Quartus project archive for rebuilding the FPGA image
      src/                   - Source code for Stream-specific cores
      sw/                    - Example applications for communicating with LMS6002D



The hardware designs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence.

FPGA design

For details of the FPGA design licensing please see the associated COPYING file(s). However, please note that this does not extend to any files provided with the Altera design tools and see the relevant files for the associated terms and conditions.