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Bundler TODO list

  • Check to make sure ~/.bundler/bin is in $PATH
  • Cache Git repositories
  • Interactive mode for bundle (install) to work out conflicts
  • bundle irb / bundle ruby / bundle [whatever] -> bundle exec
  • Make bundle (install) work when sudo might be needed
  • Generate a bundle stub into the application
  • Handle the following case (no remote fetching):
    1. Depend on nokogiri, nokogiri is installed locally (ruby platform)
    2. Run bundle package. nokogiri-1.4.2.gem is cached
    3. Clone on jruby
    4. Run bundle install Bundler will happily install the RUBY platform nokogiri because it is cached and bundler has not hit the remote source once so it does not know that there is a nokogiri-1.4.2-java.gem available