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Campfire notifiier for CruiseControl.rb.
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Campfire Notifier Plugin for CruiseControl.rb

Thoughtworks produced a piece of software called CruiseControl.rb (“CC.rb”) that acts as a continuous integration service, essentially running a “build” or your test suite for your Ruby projects.

Campfire is a group chat service from 37signals that many companies use for collaboration among their team members.

This plugin will post notifications to a Campfire room when a build on CC.rb finishes. By default, it will alert the room when a build is: FIXED (was previously failing, now passing), BROKEN (was previously passing, now failing), SUCCESS and FAILED.


Getting the Software

Clone this repo into a suitable directory:

$ cd ~
$ git clone git://
$ cd cruisecontrolrb-campfire_notifier

Install bundler if you don't already have it (You shouldn't need to use sudo when installing your gems):

$ gem install bundler

Install all of the gems required for this library:

$ bundle install

Make sure the tests pass:

$ rake

Installing the Plugin

Find your $CRUISE_HOME/builder_plugins directory (usually ~/.cruise/builder_plugins), then symlink to lib/campfire_notifier.rb within this plugin:

$ cd ~/.cruise/builder_plugins
$ ln -s ~/cruisecontrolrb-campfire_notifier/lib/campfire_notifier.rb

You should end up with something like:

# cd ~/.cruise
$ tree -L 2
|-- builder_plugins
|   `-- campfire_notifier.rb -> /Users/brad/cruisecontrolrb-campfire_notifier/lib/campfire_notifier.rb
|-- data.version
|-- projects
|   `-- myproject
|-- site.css
`-- site_config.rb


Inside each of your project directories (~/.cruise/projects/myproject/) you'll find a cruise_config.rb file. For each project that you want to set up to notify Campfire, configure it with the following:

Project.configure do |project|
  project.campfire_notifier.account               = 'myaccount'
  project.campfire_notifier.token                 = 'secret'                  = 'Builds'

  # Optional:
  project.campfire_notifier.ssl                   = true
  project.campfire_notifier.trac_url              = '***/trac/***/changeset'
  project.campfire_notifier.broken_image          = 'http://***/sad.png'
  project.campfire_notifier.fixed_image           = 'http://***/happy.png'
  project.campfire_notifier.only_failed_builds    = true
  project.campfire_notifier.only_fixed_and_broken_builds = true

These configuration options should be pretty self-explanatory.

Test Coverage

$ gem install rcov
$ rake rcov


This library was originally developed by Alban Peignier and enhanced by Brad Fults.

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