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Ghosts and Spirits

This is the source code for, a website for a recording project I was heavily involved in.

Originally the source code was a custom rails app built on top of the goldberg plugin, but as it was one of my first rails apps (and one that helped me learn rails), the code was pretty awful.

I recently decided to move the app to heroku to take advantage of their awesome free hosting service for small apps. The code made me cringe, so I decided it was time for a bit of a rewrite. This version is built using Radiant.


$ git clone git://
$ cd ghosts-and-spirits
$ rake gs:bootstrap

For the comment notifier to work in development mode, you have to setup some config settings. Add these ENV settings to config/development_config_vars.rb:



$ git push heroku-cedar deploy:master


Source code copyright © 2009 Myron Marston. Site content copyright © 2008-2009 Phil Woodward.

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