Added strategy for removing e-mail addresses #8

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ghost commented Aug 10, 2012

Refactored the replace into a separate strategy as well, you can configure which strategy to use.
Updated the README with instructions.

Pantera Arzhintar & Will Sulzer and others added some commits Sep 20, 2010

Pantera Arzhintar & Will Sulzer re-pivotalized mail safe. 3f2dd9a
Jack Dempsey fix filename issue warnings adcf818
Jack Dempsey more gemspec fixes d77f8c2
Christopher Darrell & Richard Luther Added remove strategy to MailSafe a82af5f
Christopher Darrell & Richard Luther update README.rdoc for new Removal strategy 52d08d0
BananaNeil and Nick Novitski Rails 3 compatibility c02d482
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