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RSpec and Ruby 1.9

RSpec runs on Ruby 1.9.1 with the following caveats.


RSpec/Test::Unit interop will run with the test-unit-1.2.3 gem, but you must install it.

Class Variables

Due to changes in scoping rules, class variables within example groups are not supported in Ruby 1.9.

describe "a class variable" do
  @@class_variable = "a class variable"

  it "can access class variables in examples in Ruby 1.8" do
    with_ruby 1.8 do
      @@class_variable.should == "a class variable"

  it "can NOT access class variables in examples in Ruby 1.9" do
    with_ruby 1.9 do
      lambda do
        @@class_variable.should == "a class variable"
      end.should raise_error(NameError)
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