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[Full Changelog](
-## 2.0.0 Beta 1 (October 8, 2011)
* Update to (and require) Typhoeus 0.3.2.
* Fix a bug with `VCR.request_matchers.uri_without_param(:some_param)`
so that it properly handles URIs that have no parameters. Thanks to
[Sathya Sekaran]( for this fix.
+* The cassette format has changed significantly:
+ * The HTTPInteractions are no longer normalized in a lossy fashion.
+ VCR 1.x converted all HTTP header keys to lowercase. VCR 2.0 no
+ longer does this because it is impossible to know what the original
+ casing was (i.e. given `etag`, was it originally `etag`, `ETag` or
+ `Etag`?). Also, some HTTP libraries add particular request headers
+ to every request, and these used to be ignored. The aren't anymore.
+ * The ruby struct objects are not directly serialized anymore.
+ Instead, only primitives (hashes, arrays, strings, integers) are
+ serialized. This allows swappable serializers and will allow other
+ tools to read and use a VCR cassette.
+ * Add new serializer API. VCR ships with YAML, Syck, Psych and JSON
+ serializers, and it is very simple to implement your own. The
+ serializer can be configured on a per-cassette basis.
+ * New `vcr:migrate_cassettes DIR=path/to/cassettes` rake task assists
+ with upgrading from VCR 1.x to 2.0.
+ * Cassettes now contain a `recorded_with` attribute. This should
+ allow the cassette structure to be updated more easily in the future
+ as the version number provides a means for easily migrating
+ cassettes.
+ * Add `recorded_at` to data serialized with an HTTPInteraction. This
+ allows the `:re_record_interval` cassette option to work more
+ accurately and no longer rely on the file modification time.
+Note that VCR 1.x cassettes cannot be used with VCR 2.0. See the
+upgrade notes for more info.
+## 2.0.0 Beta 1 (October 8, 2011)
[Full Changelog](

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