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you can use VCR with Faraday without needing to insert the middleware
yourself. Use `VCR.configure { |c| c.hook_into :faraday }`.
* Add `ignore_request` config option. Pass it a block that returns
- true if the given request shoul be ignored.
+ true if the given request should be ignored.
+* Improve the unhandled HTTP request error message so that it lists
+ different options for how to get VCR to handle it.
+* Add {before,after,around}_http_request hooks.
+* Updated WebMock integration and bumped up required version to 1.7.8.
+* Test against latest Excon (0.7.9) and confirm that VCR works fine with
+ it.
+* Add define_cassette_placeholder as an alias for filter_sensitive_data.
+* Fix Faraday middleware so that it works properly when you use parallel
+ requests.
+* Integrate VCR with RSpec metadata. Thanks to [Ryan Bates](
+ for the great idea.
## 2.0.0 Beta 2 (November 6, 2011)

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