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+## 0.4.0 (To be released soon)
+* Added support for webmock. All the fakeweb-specific code is now in an adapter (as is the webmock code).
+* Changed the format of the VCR cassettes. The old format was tied directly to Net::HTTP, but webmock supports
+ other HTTP libraries and I plan to allow VCR to use them in the future. Note that this is a breaking change--your
+ old VCR cassettes from prior releases will not work with VCR 0.4.0. However, VCR provides a rake task to assist
+ you in migrating your cassettes to the new format. Simply add `load 'vcr/tasks/vcr.rake'` to your project's Rakefile,
+ and run:
+ $ rake vcr:migrate_cassettes DIR=path/to/cassete/library/directory
+* The new cassette format records more information about the request (i.e. the request headers and body), so that it
+ can potentially be used with webmock in the future.
+* Made most of `VCR::Cassette`'s methods private. I had forgotten to make the methods private before, and most of them
+ don't need to be exposed.
+* Automatically disallow http connections using the appropriate setting of the http stubbing library (fakeweb or webmock).
+ This relieves users from the need to set the option themselves, so they hopefully aren't using either fakeweb or webmock
+ directly, making it much easier to switch between these.
+* Change documentation from rdoc to markdown format.
+* Lots of other refactoring.
## 0.3.1 April 10, 2010
* Fixed a bug: when `Net::HTTP#request` was called with a block that had a return statement, the response was not being recorded.

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