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Commits on Nov 09, 2011
Myron Marston Update gemspec to reflect that VCR no longer supports 1.8.6. 4441654
Commits on Nov 11, 2011
Myron Marston Escape underscores. a7c480a
Myron Marston Fix relish links. 0771f11
Commits on Nov 13, 2011
Myron Marston Fix to be in line with VCR 2.0 conventions. 8d437cf
Commits on Nov 14, 2011
Myron Marston Change the unhandled request error class and message.
I'm going to be expanding this a lot for issue #92 but I wanted to get the basics in place and get the tests in a stable state so that they should continue to pass as I expand the error message.
Myron Marston Improve unhandled request error messages.
Closes #92.
Myron Marston Try different rbx build targets. e0a01a7
Myron Marston Fix the error message formatting so it doesn't double-format a message. 34e4ee6
Commits on Nov 15, 2011
Myron Marston Remove use of Dir.mktmpdir to get build to pass on JRuby.
The travis JRuby builds are intermittently failing with "permission denied" errors from `Dir.mktmpdir`.
Myron Marston Update getting started to include new error messages. 330b4d6
Myron Marston Remove rbx for now since bundle install is failing on it. 7ebb478
Myron Marston Use debugger on jruby. 0358c88
Commits on Nov 16, 2011
Myron Marston Change cucumber profile to allow use of @wip simply to filter features. 977a9f1
Commits on Nov 17, 2011
Myron Marston Exclude some cuke scenarios to run on jruby to work around weird bug.
For some reason, these are failing because they are asserting the expected error message but aruba is reporting the output as "V" (yes, just one character!).  I have no idea why...
Commits on Nov 18, 2011
Myron Marston Update WebMock adapter to take advantage of new globally_stub_request…
… hook.
Commits on Nov 19, 2011
Myron Marston Remove confusing use of aliasing. 45145a1
Commits on Nov 20, 2011
Myron Marston Fix specs for Typhoeus 0.3.3 a7d676d
Myron Marston Update to WebMock 1.7.8. 89ffa4b
Myron Marston Fix FakeWeb/Net::HTTP regression. 134bb9a
Myron Marston Fix cassette name so it matches a sanitized cassette name.
This allows us to actually use it as a cassette in a test.
Myron Marston Fix comment typo. 426b0a1
Myron Marston Add before_http_request hook.
For issue #91.
Myron Marston Add after_http_request hook.
For issue #91.

Note that when using Typhoeus or WebMock, it's not guaranteed that the after_request hook will fire for every request; if an error (such as a socket error) occurs before the request completes then the Typhoeus/WebMock after_request hook will not fire, which means VCR will not be able to fire its after_http_request hook in turn.  There's not much I can do about this, unfortunately.

For Excon, Faraday and FakeWeb, I use an ensure block to guarantee that the hook will be invoked.  This is possible because VCR wraps the entire request for these library hooks.
Myron Marston Remove unused local variables to fix 1.9.3 warnings. 6ea465d
Commits on Nov 21, 2011
Myron Marston Ensure all request hooks are only called once per request.
Previously, the before_http_request hooks were being called twice for one request in some cases when using FakeWeb and Net::HTTP.  Also, in the VCR test environment there could be many hook invocations from WebMock/Typhoeus due to double-registration of hooks and such.
Ryan Bates ryanb adding contributing link to readme 4633776
Myron Marston Merge pull request #104 from ryanb/readme-contributing-link
Add contributing link to README
Myron Marston Add hook API that doesn't require passing a tag.
Most of our hook invocations don't use tags now.
Myron Marston Add ryanb to contributors list. b8c138a
Commits on Nov 22, 2011
Flaviu Simihaian FlaviuSim added the contributing wiki to the project for symlinking with relish 7b9bf81
Myron Marston Fix links in to use markdown format rather than githu…
…b wiki format.
Myron Marston Ignore the symlinked file. 7b05e11
Myron Marston Add contributing guide to relish .nav. 9ad57be
Myron Marston Fix contributing link from readme now that it's under source control. 4a53a6d
Myron Marston Add Flaviu to list of contributors. 8c6cd60
Commits on Nov 23, 2011
Myron Marston Add around_http_request hook.
For issue #91.
Myron Marston Fix readme synopsis to use VCR 2.0 APIs. 430ccd1
Commits on Nov 25, 2011
Myron Marston Extract separate cuke files for each hook type. 5d4078e
Myron Marston Add rake task to re-run the last cuke. 8cefe96
Myron Marston Fix around_http_request to support multiple requests.
Fibers can only be used once so we have to create a new one for each request.
Commits on Nov 26, 2011
Paco Guzmán pacoguzman FIX synopsis using configure instead configuration d6576e3
Myron Marston Give Paco credit for his contribution. 4b274c3
Commits on Nov 28, 2011
Myron Marston Add cukes documenting new http request hooks.
Closes #91.
Myron Marston Use latest excon.
Closes #106.
Myron Marston Add link to source of query method. 0912189
Myron Marston Normalize request method to a lower case symbol.
Fog uses excon by passing `:method => "POST"`.

Closes #105.
Myron Marston Normalize URI without standard port.
This is how people tend to write URIs anyway.
Myron Marston Revert "Use latest excon."
This reverts commit 6e13de0.

It worked for me locally but it broke the Travis build :(.
Myron Marston Fix "interning empty string" error on ruby 1.8. 23aedda
Commits on Nov 29, 2011
Myron Marston Add define_cassette_placeholder as an alias for filter_sensitive_data.
Closes #102.
Myron Marston Fix version checker logic.
If the min_patch is 0.6.5 and the max_minor is 0.7 and the library version is 0.7.3, the old code would wrongly categorize it as :too_low.
Commits on Nov 30, 2011
Myron Marston Remove unneeded method.
It was needed for the WebMock hook before I refactored it to take advantage of the global stub hook in WebMock 1.7.8.
Myron Marston Extract spec helper methods into a module. 0352721
Myron Marston Ensure faraday is exclusively used for parallel requests.
Closes #103.
Commits on Dec 01, 2011
Myron Marston Use latest excon now that it works on travis CI.
See excon/excon#82 for information on what the problem was.

Closes #106.
Myron Marston Simplify ENV vars for cukes. 1b36333
Myron Marston Put rspec-1 on the path rather than doing funky load path business. 7fd6546
Myron Marston Ignore rspec-1 scenario on JRuby.
The load path change I made in the last commit broke the JRuby build: Cannot run program "spec" (in directory "/home/vagrant/builds/myronmarston/vcr/tmp/aruba"): error=2, No such file or directory (NativeException)

I don't care enough to get this to pass.
Commits on Dec 02, 2011
Carlos Kirkconnell kirkconnell Make cassette migrator set recorded_with to current VCR version.
Closes #110.
Myron Marston Add Carlos Kirkconnell to contributors list. b667575
Myron Marston Rename rspec feature to rspec_macro. b25e349
Myron Marston Remove excess space. a4bcfd0
Myron Marston Update relish nav to include recent feature files. 3811e13
Myron Marston Integrate VCR with RSpec metadata.
Thanks to Ryan Bates for the great idea!

Closes #95.
Myron Marston Update Changelog. 958c36e
Myron Marston Remove unnecessary platform block from Gemfile.
Now that we don't keep the Gemfile.lock under source control we can just rely on the conditionals in the gemspec.  Before I had this when Gemfile.lock was in source control so that it wouldn't change unnecessarily on different ruby interpreters.
Commits on Dec 05, 2011
Myron Marston Fix spec to match method name. fa0c9e5
Myron Marston Fix typo. c74dde6
Commits on Dec 06, 2011
Myron Marston Allow FakeWeb/WebMock/Typhoeus stubbing APIs to be used when VCR is t…
…urned off.

Closes #112.
Commits on Dec 09, 2011
Myron Marston Release 2.0.0.rc1. c06d3f0
Commits on Dec 15, 2011
Myron Marston Don't modify the cassette options hash the first time it is used.
Closes #116.
Myron Marston Return the response when the request proceeds. 1deb2fb
Myron Marston Add missing spec for bug fixed by 32c36e2. c600695
Ben Oakes benjaminoakes Add YARD development dependency and usage notes 54b5829
Ben Oakes benjaminoakes Add basic YARD configuration and sample doc c180cb7
Commits on Dec 16, 2011
Myron Marston Add Benjamin Oakes to contributors list. 2f3b73c
Myron Marston Setup yard opts. 6f0d2e6
Myron Marston Change our Typhoeus::Hydra monkey patch to be more compatible with yard.
It got confused by the fact that we were opening the Typhoeus::Hydra singleton class before declaring the class (since we get it by requiring it); spelling it out this way avoids this warning:

[warn]: Load Order / Name Resolution Problem on Typhoeus::Hydra:
[warn]: -
[warn]: Something is trying to call child on object Typhoeus::Hydra before it has been recognized.
[warn]: This error usually means that you need to modify the order in which you parse files
[warn]: so that Typhoeus::Hydra is parsed before methods or other objects attempt to access it.
[warn]: -
[warn]: YARD will recover from this error and continue to parse but you *may* have problems
[warn]: with your generated documentation. You should probably fix this.
[warn]: -
[error]: Unhandled exception in YARD::Handlers::Ruby::AliasHandler:
[error]:   in `lib/vcr/library_hooks/typhoeus.rb`:94:

	94: alias allow_net_connect_without_vcr? allow_net_connect?
Myron Marston Move comment so its not picked up by yard as the VCR overview. 42fc56a
Myron Marston Started documenting some stuff. 1e48780
Myron Marston Document the errors. 3fbd408
Commits on Dec 17, 2011
Myron Marston More config documentation. fa707c2
Myron Marston Link to other methods from the docs. 6f905c9
Myron Marston Document VCR::Cassette.
...and make some methods private.
Michael Lavrisha vrish88 Update formatting in 9ca2032
Myron Marston Make some more stuff private. aace834
Myron Marston Merge pull request #117 from vrish88/master
Just an update to the
Myron Marston Update contributors list. 7e790d6
Myron Marston Remove comments I didn't mean to add. 10f72dc
Myron Marston Document request matcher registry. 7dddfab
Commits on Dec 19, 2011
Myron Marston Remove request delegation.
There's no reason we need this and having a smaller API to support is nice.
Myron Marston Document the structs. a664865
Myron Marston Document VCR.request_matchers. e9c9be1
Commits on Dec 20, 2011
Myron Marston Document classes under the Cassette namespace. 3f90013
Myron Marston Make the extensions and library hooks private. f3f74d5
Myron Marston Document middleware. c237676
Myron Marston Document RSpec and Cucumber integration. 431896d
Myron Marston Additional docs. 85e9000
Commits on Dec 21, 2011
Myron Marston Update README. 7078765
Commits on Dec 22, 2011
Myron Marston Fix specs that were failing on rspec 2.8.0.rc2.
This also simplifies the specs; there was a shared example group that was no longer needed.
Myron Marston Fix my last commit so it actually works :).
I need to properly scope ::RSpec to the top level so it doesn't pick up VCR::RSpec. Also, I should use that within the example group.
Myron Marston Attempt to get github flavored markup to work.
(It's not working, unfortunately, but I'm pushing what I've done according to the instructions at lsegal/yard#404).
Myron Marston Updates to GFM attempt based on @lsegal's suggestions. e347e6a
Myron Marston Mark some additional nested classes/modules as @private.
yard stats --list-undoc listed these for me.  I'm surprised I have to mark these inner classes/modules as private since the outer classes/modules are already private...
Commits on Dec 24, 2011
Myron Marston README updates. 54c5608
Commits on Dec 28, 2011
Myron Marston Add missing require for migrator. eed292f
Commits on Dec 29, 2011
Myron Marston Resolve cassette_library_dir to an absolute path.
Closes #118.
Myron Marston File.absolute_path isn't available on 1.8.
For #118.
Commits on Jan 04, 2012
Myron Marston Ensure rspec metadata cuke is syntax highlighted on relish. 11c8fb9
Commits on Jan 23, 2012
Myron Marston Update excon dependency. 1537d91
Myron Marston Ensure excon retries the right number of times.
Previously, when we were recording a cassette, the excon request being tested had a retry count, and for each of those, our hook would make a real request that was also retried that many times.
Myron Marston Ensure excon status errors are handled properly.
When you make an excon request with the :expects option, it will raise a subclass of Excon::Errors::HTTPStatusError if the response is not the expected status code.  We were manually re-raising this error before, but the excon code up the call stack* rescues all errors and raises an Excon::Errors::SocketError.  This caused the error class to be different then what it would have been otherwise.  Instead, we want to return the raw response (i.e. no expects error), and we let excon transform this in to a status error.

Commits on Jan 24, 2012
Myron Marston Delete some more excon options. e37dfa1
Myron Marston Fix specs failing on 1.8.7 on travis. 70b3127
Myron Marston Update rspec to 2.8 final. bfb3a4d
Commits on Jan 26, 2012
Myron Marston Add comments for the last 2 undocumented methods.
Yard doesn't actually show these comments (see lsegal/yard#428), but I want to ensure I keep up documentation coverage, and getting to 100% and making it part of the build is a nice step towards that.
Myron Marston Add yard coverage as part of travis build. 1837757
Myron Marston Remove override that's not needed. 8510d8f
Myron Marston Rename method.
This aligns it with the exception name.
Myron Marston Ensure yard installs on travis.
On travis, bundler runs "--without extras".
Commits on Jan 27, 2012
Myron Marston Ensure the request body gets recorded with FakeWeb/Net::HTTP.
For some reason, Net::HTTP provides `request_body` (passed as an extra argument) and `request.body` on the request argument...and sometimes the request body is on one or the other.

Closes #127.
Myron Marston Fix travis build on 1.8.7.
We can't count on hash ordering on 1.8.
Myron Marston Update changelog. e0d3a4f
Commits on Jan 28, 2012
Myron Marston Less meta in the gemspec. 51f6146
Myron Marston Update cucumber and aruba. e7dc0a9
Myron Marston Remove env vars that aruba now sets for JRuby. b37e593
Myron Marston Install simplecov. 133bf59
Myron Marston Remove version checking shared specs.
These don't provide much benefit, and the fact that they were reloading files messes with simple cov.
Myron Marston Refactor specs to not use code reloading.
Code reloading messes up simplecov.
Myron Marston Add another simple cov filter. ae6f413
Myron Marston Move simplecov config into spec_helper. c4f44f8
Myron Marston Remove rcov. 55accc4
Myron Marston Fail the build if test coverage is too low. bd3dc79
Myron Marston Install simplecov on all platforms.
It won't work on all platforms but I believe it's designed to no-op on platforms it doesn't work on.
Myron Marston Fix check_code_coverage task. 9ce3d16
Commits on Jan 29, 2012
Myron Marston Update copyright years. 59dd56c
Myron Marston Remove unnecessary require. 5dc886b
Myron Marston Brought back #has_interaction_matching?
This is going to be needed for the typed request hooks, to allow a WebMock/Typhoeus after request hook to figure out if the request was stubbed without consuming an interaction.
Myron Marston Use a development version of webmock, and update Curb.
The latest WebMock no longer works with older curb releases.
Commits on Jan 31, 2012
Myron Marston Set the type of request for the before/after request hooks.
For #124.
Myron Marston Use delegation so the assigned type doesn't bleed to other contexts. e130752
Myron Marston Refactor fiber aware to use delegation rather than an extension module. 8f84e26
Myron Marston Add query interface to VCR::Request::Typed. 2233ea8
Myron Marston Refactor hooks for greater flexibility. c9944d3
Commits on Feb 01, 2012
Myron Marston Ensure cukes run with bundler-managed gems on the load path. 1756b3d
Myron Marston Add cukes and docs about before/after hook filtering. 27b4bc3
Myron Marston Rubygems has to be required before rspec/expectations on 1.8. 4c9db34
Myron Marston Fix spec that was failing on 1.8. cbd3c14
Myron Marston Fix ruby warning. 6080d72
Myron Marston Fix build.
On REE I get a warning: "Object#type is deprecated; use Object#class", which fails the build since I've got the capture warnings thing going.
Myron Marston Support multiple tags. 3e903f2
Myron Marston Simplify how the update_content_length_header option works. 1a9370a
Myron Marston Extract HTTPInteraction hook aware logic. fbf2506
Myron Marston Update some documentation. d4ee444
Myron Marston Fix failing test. 1ce6aaf
Myron Marston Copy cassette option docs with a "see" directive. 7cd7121
Myron Marston Fix method implementation to match signature. 99296a3
Myron Marston More doc fixes. 32d09cf
Myron Marston Make parameter optional. ea9656e
Commits on Feb 02, 2012
Myron Marston Don't query the http interaction list so many times. a6c3a0c
Myron Marston Fix ivar not initialized warning. 589bee4
Myron Marston Fix typo. df30aa7
Myron Marston Add missing specs for new hooks method. a5eba88
Commits on Feb 03, 2012
Myron Marston Documentation fixes. e354003
Myron Marston First pass at debug logging.
For #132.
Myron Marston Skip cuke on 1.8 to fix build.
We can't count on consistent hash ordering on 1.8.
Commits on Feb 04, 2012
Myron Marston Update WebMock to version that supports Excon. 61f4ff0
Commits on Feb 05, 2012
Myron Marston Disable WebMock's excon adapter in our excon hook. 5e9ae62
Myron Marston Simplify the way we ensure the typhoeus/webmock hooks don't interfere…
… with each other.
Myron Marston Got tests to pass for WebMock's new Excon adapter. f6a6798
Myron Marston Update sinatra and rack dependency.
We need to disable rack-protection so that there aren't extra headers such as X-Frame-Options.
Myron Marston em-http-request apparently allows nil request headers. f9dfc44
Myron Marston Add VCR.js to readme. 92d3aaf
Myron Marston Fix localhost server to properly shutdown.
The INT signal handler in rack 1.1 has moved to the rack binary, so we need to add it ourselves now.
Myron Marston Get yard coverage back to 100% so the build passes. b826b93
Myron Marston Update Changelog. 2062381
Commits on Feb 09, 2012
Myron Marston Flesh out
Closes #131.
Commits on Feb 11, 2012
Myron Marston Allow filters to be used with `around_http_request` hook. 6819297
Myron Marston Simplify example. 4eca724
Myron Marston Deep structural stubs are a problem. a973773
Commits on Feb 13, 2012
Myron Marston Fix typo. e0c462d
Myron Marston Add additional files to yard listing. 940d764
Myron Marston Add rake task to boot the test app. 283a1bf
Commits on Feb 14, 2012
Myron Marston Use markdown format for yard comments. 7824d07
Commits on Feb 15, 2012
Myron Marston Add link to TapeDeck.js to README. 78db8f1
Commits on Feb 19, 2012
Myron Marston Be a bit more liberal about how we parse headers for curb and em-http. 844cb74
Myron Marston Force the usage of syck in some cukes to get the travis build green.
The just released 1.9.3-p125 includes an updated psych that apparently behaves differently from the one in 1.9.3-p0 and 1.9.2.  It serializes any string that is tagged with the ASCII-8BIT encoding as a binary string (using base64 encoding) even if the string is ASCII-7BIT compatible.
Myron Marston No more pending specs!
The latest WebMock includes a fix that makes HTTP Client pass this spec.
Myron Marston Got travis yml file to pass travis lint. 88b4d9d
Commits on Feb 20, 2012
Myron Marston Update webmock dependency now that 1.8.0 is out. 580f827
Commits on Feb 21, 2012
Myron Marston Add preserve_exact_string_bytes config option.
For #74.
Myron Marston Migrate call the cucumber cassettes to updated format.
The cassette format now includes the encoding of the request and response body.
Myron Marston Make the lack of forced encoding explicit. 9fe1ba2
Myron Marston Add additional info about encoding issues. bcacd1f
Myron Marston Pass the entire HTTP message to the preserve hook.
This provides additional flexibility; the user may want to check the encoding specified in an HTTP header.

Also, I'm passing the current cassette as an optional yielded param as well.
Myron Marston Allow multiple preserve_exact_body_bytes hooks.
This will pave the way to make it easy to support a cassette option for this feature.
Myron Marston Ensure VCR.current_cassette is accurate during VCR::Cassette#eject.
This is needed for the preserve_exact_body_bytes hook.
Myron Marston Add new :preserve_exact_body_bytes cassette config option. befc480
Myron Marston Make VCR::Normalizers::Body::ClassMethods private. cb5bf03
Myron Marston Update relish nav. 9c3daab
Myron Marston Remove :focus. 9c7622a
Myron Marston Append info about the preserve bytes option to serialization encoding…
… errors.
Myron Marston Try to re-encode bodies as their original encoding, printing a warnin…
…g when that fails.
Myron Marston Use the base class of all encoding errors. 550a58e
Commits on Feb 22, 2012
Myron Marston Fix build on 1.8. a4e2353
Myron Marston Setup limited red. 6459cad
Myron Marston The specs require simplecov, so let's make it a proper dev dependency. 59d3b99
Myron Marston Skip yajl test on jruby since it requires native dependencies. a45d1ee
Myron Marston It's simplecov, not simple_cov. 6d435d1
Myron Marston Try building against some other rubies.
[ci skip]
Myron Marston Words. 994a236
Myron Marston Don't load limited red in the CI environment. It needs the API key to…
… work.
Myron Marston Use latest Excon. 9380ddb
Commits on Feb 24, 2012
Myron Marston Release 2.0.0.rc2. 618a581
Myron Marston yajl-ruby can't install on jruby 19 mode. ae138db
Commits on Feb 25, 2012
Myron Marston Rearrange code a bit so the main APIs are first. c857d4d
Commits on Feb 26, 2012
Myron Marston Add logging of filter_sensitive_data hooks.
This should help with troubleshooting #137.
Myron Marston Add logging about the re_record_interval behavior.
Closes #123.
Myron Marston Add quality spec that enforces whitespace policy. d34b6f7
Myron Marston Remove unnecessary code causing a warning on 1.9.3.
/home/vagrant/builds/myronmarston/vcr/spec/quality_spec.rb:6: warning: setting Encoding.default_external
Myron Marston Update em-http-request dependency. b4fcf22
Myron Marston Fix scenario to use new em-http-request 1.0 APIs. c130bc5
Myron Marston rbx-18mode is passing on travis; add ruby-head. 1c11b66
Myron Marston Update changelog. 5bf57c1
Myron Marston Don't worry about stripping standard port from URIs on playback.
The standard port only needs to be stripped during recording; for playback, it will have already been stripped.  This allows people to use the `filter_sensitive_data` option in a way that changes the URI; before this change, doing so resulted in `URI::InvalidURIError`.

Closes #137.
Myron Marston Add rbx-18mode back to the list of allowed failures.
Removing it was premature, apparently.  I got a bunch of random cuke failures on travis all of a sudden.
Myron Marston Update changelog.
[ci skip]
Commits on Feb 29, 2012
Myron Marston Explicitly require faraday middleware from library hook.
This ensures that the version checking happens. Previously, if you did `hook_into :faraday` but were on an older version that doesn't support the middleware `lock!` API, the middleware would never be loaded and the version checking would never take place.
Commits on Mar 01, 2012
Myron Marston Explicitly support newly released Excon 0.10. 2aeea4a
Commits on Mar 02, 2012
Myron Marston Update changelog. 8d356b1
Myron Marston Run tests against Faraday 0.8.0.rc2. 72332bf
Myron Marston Update README.
[ci skip]
Myron Marston Add note to upgrade document about change in the :uri matcher.
[ci skip]
Myron Marston A couple more documentation tweaks.
[ci skip]
Myron Marston Release 2.0.0! 396dd4c
Commits on Mar 03, 2012
Myron Marston Clarify a few things in the Upgrade doc. 1e1b5b0
Commits on Mar 05, 2012
Myron Marston Update limited red to version that doesn't abort if the .limited_red …
…file isn't present.
Commits on Mar 08, 2012
Myron Marston Add link to REST-assured and re-organize library links. ca6abe8
Commits on Mar 30, 2012
Mislav Marohnić mislav allow bundler 1.1 0d3d605
Myron Marston Lock em-http-request to version that works with WebMock 1.8.2.
em-http-request 1.0.2, just released today, breaks WebMock's em-http-request adapter.  There's a pull request to get it fixed in WebMock[1], but for now it's simplest to lock to 1.0.1.

[1] bblimke/webmock#168
Myron Marston Re-upgrade to rspec 2.9.0.rc2.
On 2.9, metadata filter lambdas are only invoked if the named key is present in the metadata hash, so the old way we made :skip_vcr_reset work is no longer supported.
Myron Marston Test against new webmock, excon and em-http-request releases. 73df359
Myron Marston Don't try to encode to a nil encoding.
This should allow cassettes recorded on 1.8 to work on 1.9.

Closes #149.
Myron Marston Just force encode to ASCII-8BIT.
Encoding to ASCII-8BIT is nonsensical since it just means "binary".
Myron Marston RSpec 2.9.0 is out. 5d3b3df
Myron Marston Excon 0.13 is out and VCR works fine with it. ba10bb5
Myron Marston Fix faraday middleware so that it plays back parallel requests properly. 095ed4e
Myron Marston Build 2-0-stable branch. 2677b15
Myron Marston Add 2-0-stable changelog. 4958f81
Myron Marston 2.0.1 release. 4a8c67d