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Jun 15, 2012
Myron Marston Add link to IRC channel. 617f02d
Jun 27, 2012
Myron Marston Excon 0.14 is out and works fine with VCR. 339bb3f
Jul 09, 2012
Myron Marston Fix typos in comments. dfda4cd
Jacobkg Failing test for reusing net/http request in Fakeweb 498994a
Myron Marston Fix FakeWeb library hook for when a Net::HTTP request is re-used.
Previously I assumed a single Net::HTTP request object would only be used for a single
request. It turns out it can trivially be re-used. I've refactored the implementation to
no longer assume that. The request object was being used to hold a VCR request type
object to handle internal recursion performed by Net::HTTP; now I have a special
recursive request handler for this situation.

Closes #178.
Myron Marston No need for this global "seen request" tracking now that we're handli…
…ng Net::HTTP's recursion directly.
Myron Marston Fix uninitialized ivar warning. 460ba73
Myron Marston It's `expect { }.to`, not `expect { }.should`. 8075246
Myron Marston Update RSpec. 661450a
Myron Marston Filter out unexplainable warnings. b47858a
Myron Marston 2.2.3 release. 9b2d293
Jul 19, 2012
Myron Marston Fix excon so real requests are made with a connection constructed wit…
…h same args.

I got this warning from VCR on some tests using fog/excon to download a file from S3 over SSL:

WARNING: VCR could not extract a response from Excon error (#<OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError: hostname does not match the server certificate>)

I discovered that the SSL cert verification for a real request w/o VCR was made against
``, while the verification for the request being recorded by VCR was made
against `<bucket_name>`. The difference is due to the fact that fog
constructs an Excon::Connection instance with a URI of ``, then makes a
request with a :host param set to the FQDN. Before this commit, VCR made the real
request by constructing a new Excon::Connection instance with the URI set to the full
URI, and it caused the SSL cert verification failure.

This fixes it by ensuring the "real request" connection instance is constructed with
the same args as the original connection instance.
Myron Marston Excon 0.15 is out and works fine with VCR. ae9a0b3
Myron Marston Update relish.
I got this message from relish just now:
Sorry, your relish gem 0.5.3 is out of date. Please update to at least version 0.6
Myron Marston 2.2.4 release. 93b5f13
Jul 25, 2012
Jonathan Tron Typhoeus 0.4.2 is out and works fine with VCR d09de03
Myron Marston Merge pull request #184 from JonathanTron/patch-1
Typhoeus 0.4.2 is out and works fine with VCR
Myron Marston Add @JonathanTron to contributors list. 12905a3
Myron Marston The new WebMock release has fixed the Net::HTTP empty body bug. d9873fb
Myron Marston Ignore rbx18-mode failures.
The travis build failed with no indication as to why:!/myronmarston/vcr/jobs/1952677/L30

..and I've often had problems with the rbx build due to rbx issues.
Aug 12, 2012
Myron Marston Relax the faraday version constraint. c5b249a
Myron Marston Allow jruby 18 failure.
I'm getting a weird error from Jruby:

$ script/ `cacheAndCall': java.lang.NullPointerException
82	from `call'
83	from /home/vagrant/.rvm/rubies/jruby- `__file__'
84	from /home/vagrant/.rvm/rubies/jruby- `__file__'
85	from `call'
86	from `call'
87	from `call'
88	from `interpret'
89	from `interpret'
90	from `interpret'
91	from `interpret'
93	from `call'
94	from `call'
95	from `invokedynamic'
96	from `op_ge'
97	from RubyComparable$s$1$0$op_ge.gen:65535:in `call'
98	from `cacheAndCall'
99	from `call'
100	from `call'
101	from `interpret'
102	from `interpret'
103	from `interpret'
104	from `interpret'
105	from `interpret'
106	from `interpret'
107	from `interpret'
109	from `evalBlockBody'
110	from `yield'
111	from `yield'
112	from `yield'
113	from `interpret'
114	from `interpret'
115	from `interpret'
116	from `interpret'
118	from `call'
119	from `call'
120	from `callBlock'
121	from `call'
122	from `newInstance'
123	from RubyClass$i$newInstance.gen:65535:in `call'
124	from `cacheAndCall'
125	from `callBlock'
126	from `callIter'
127	from `interpret'
128	from `interpret'
129	from `interpret'
131	from `evalWithBinding'
132	from `evalCommon'
133	from `eval'
134	from RubyKernel$s$0$3$eval.gen:65535:in `call'
135	from `call'
136	from `call'
137	from `call'
138	from `interpret'
139	from `interpret'
140	from `interpret'
141	from `interpret'
142	from `executeBody'
143	from `interpretWithJavaExceptions'
144	from `interpret'
145	from `interpret'
146	from `interpret'
147	from `interpret'
149	from `call'
150	from `call'
151	from `call'
152	from `interpret'
153	from `interpret'
154	from `interpret'
155	from `interpret'
157	from `evalBlockBody'
158	from `yield'
159	from `yield'
160	from `yield'
161	from `eachCommon'
162	from `each'
163	from RubyArray$i$0$0$each.gen:65535:in `call'
164	from `cacheAndCall'
165	from `callBlock'
166	from `callIter'
167	from `interpret'
168	from `interpret'
170	from `evalBlockBody'
171	from `yield'
172	from `yield'
173	from `yield'
174	from `eachCommon'
175	from `each'
176	from RubyArray$i$0$0$each.gen:65535:in `call'
177	from `cacheAndCall'
178	from `callBlock'
179	from `callIter'
180	from `interpret'
181	from `interpret'
182	from `interpret'
183	from `interpret'
184	from `interpret'
185	from `interpret'
187	from `call'
188	from `call'
189	from `cacheAndCall'
190	from `call'
191	from `interpret'
192	from `interpret'
193	from `interpret'
194	from `interpret'
196	from `call'
197	from `call'
198	from `finvoke'
199	from `invoke'
200	from `callEach'
201	from `selectCommon'
202	from `find_all'
203	from RubyEnumerable$s$0$0$find_all.gen:65535:in `call'
204	from `cacheAndCall'
205	from `callBlock'
206	from `callIter'
207	from `interpret'
208	from `interpret'
209	from `interpret'
210	from `interpret'
212	from `call'
213	from `call'
214	from `cacheAndCall'
215	from `call'
216	from `interpret'
217	from `interpret'
218	from `interpret'
219	from `interpret'
221	from `call'
222	from `call'
223	from `cacheAndCall'
224	from `call'
225	from `interpret'
226	from `interpret'
227	from `interpret'
228	from `interpret'
230	from `call'
231	from `call'
232	from `cacheAndCall'
233	from `call'
234	from `interpret'
235	from `interpret'
236	from `interpret'
237	from `interpret'
239	from `call'
240	from `call'
241	from `cacheAndCall'
242	from `call'
243	from /home/vagrant/.rvm/gems/jruby- `__file__'
244	from /home/vagrant/.rvm/gems/jruby- `load'
245	from `runScript'
246	from `runScript'
247	from `runNormally'
248	from `runFromMain'
249	from `doRunFromMain'
250	from `internalRun'
251	from `run'
252	from `run'
253	from `main'
255Done. Build script exited with: 1
Aug 15, 2012
Jacobkg Fix for #188. Add mention of debug logging configuration option to un…
…handled request error message. Also added it to the no_cassette.feature.
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