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base fork: myronmarston/vcr
head fork: myronmarston/vcr
Commits on Sep 25, 2012
Mark Burns markburns Fix typo in lib/vcr/errors.rb 1fde090
Myron Marston Add Mark to list of contributors. 02d31bd
Commits on Sep 27, 2012
Ryan Burrows rhburrows Make the uri parser configurable
Instead of using just Ruby's `URI` class to parse URIs, allow the
parser to be set through the configuration and just use `URI` as a
default. This allows the use of more permissive parser to, e.g. allow
subdomains with underscores in them
Ryan Burrows rhburrows Set the spec uri parser to enforce the URI interface
Set the `uri_parser` to a limited one wrapping the default `URI` for
use in the specs to ensure that the interface required by acceptable
uri parsers isn't accidentally expanded in the future.
Ryan Burrows rhburrows Add `parsed_uri` convenience method to request 0aba90d
Myron Marston Improve uri_parser docs a bit. e06937b
Myron Marston Prefer `should eq` to `should ==`. c53c42d
Myron Marston Fix up `uri` requires.
- It should be required from `configuration` since that's the one place it's used now.
- request_matcher_registry_spec and structs_spec should be runnable in isolation.
Myron Marston Add missing yard doc. 031e54d
Myron Marston Update changelog. b8d402d
Commits on Oct 12, 2012
Myron Marston Build all branches.
[ci skip]
Commits on Oct 29, 2012
Pascal Van Hecke Excluding Rubymine project config files from repo 126c5af
Pascal Van Hecke Only use the first line of the cuke scenario name in the cassette name.
Just like features, scenarios can have multiline preambles. When
using the :use_scenario_name option, VCR will only use the first line
of the scenario name as the directory for the cassette. This change
is modeled after commit 034bdaf
Commits on Oct 30, 2012
Myron Marston Merge pull request #203 from pascalvanhecke/feature/scenario_name_in_…

Feature/scenario name in case of multiline scenario description
Hans Hasselberg i0rek Update typhoeus code to work with Typheous 0.5. 11e310e
Myron Marston Typhoeus 0.9 has merged my fix that was causing this failure. 06ede93
Myron Marston Make Gemfile compatible with appraisals.
- It wasn't picking up gems in a group.
- I got an undefined method error from `platforms`.
Myron Marston Add back support for Typhoeus 0.4. ec845e2
Myron Marston Don't print a warning for Faraday 0.9. 01b5a09
Myron Marston Put Typhoeus 0.4 specs first.
The coverage check runs at the end and should run against the code coverage from the full spec build.
Myron Marston Words. 61280c0
Myron Marston Don't use 1.9 hash syntax. 7563715
Myron Marston Don't use a forking server - use threads instead.
I think this may help solve the travis CI build problems--the forked process may be exiting with another status code causing a failed spec run even though no specs failed.

The forked process approach was needed for Patron in the past but that appears to be fixed.
Myron Marston Add -x flag so it gives me more info.
I can't repro the travis failure locally so hopefully this'll provide the missing info.
Myron Marston Skip strange 1.9.2 warning I'm getting on Travis CI. eda62d7
Myron Marston Switch to debugger gem for 1.9 1b4703d
Myron Marston Skip patron on 1.8.7.
The HTTP requests timeout (presumably due to switching to a threaded server instead of a forked one) on 1.8.7. We can safely skip them as there isn't any patron-specific logic in VCR.
Myron Marston Switch back to released faraday.
@i0rek moved the new typhoeus faraday adapter into typhoeus itself.
Myron Marston Don't attempt to run typhoeus specs on non-MRI interpreters.
I'm having FFI problems on JRuby and Rubinius.
Myron Marston Skip cukes that have been intermittently failing on 1.8.7 on travis. 6575a7f
Myron Marston Update changelog.
[ci skip]
Myron Marston 2.3.0 release. 66e0577
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