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Trine University Senior Design 2016

GPS-Aware Autonomous Vehicle

My senior design project for Trine University is to construct a vehicle capable of independently following a path between two buildings on campus.


  • Colinco, Jedi
  • Herber, Mitchell
  • Payne, Alexander
  • Wiggins, Craig

Software Development

We are using an Atmel AVR Mega2560 CPU, built onto an Arduino Mega2560 R3 board. The Arduino framework provides a small hardware abstraction layer and common library functions, and our code runs atop this foundation.

The Arduino framework and our code are written in C/C++. The project is compiled using gcc-avr, and loaded to the board with avrdude.

The Arduino IDE is capable of performing these tasks automatically. I use the Platformio manager as a replacement for the IDE.

Due to the folder structure of the lib/ tree, the Arduino IDE may not properly compile and link our libraries into the main executable code under SeniorDesign/. PlatformIO is written in Python2, and will be usable anywhere.