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This repository holds the current state of /r/teslore CSS work. It includes scripting support to automatically upload CSS to Reddit.

Getting started

Clone this repository and copy config/reddit.yml.example to config/reddit.yml. This file is ignored by Git. Fill in your Reddit username and password. The default subreddit to upload to is specified by the subreddit key. The default stylesheet to upload is specified by the stylesheet key. There must be a stylesheet.css file next to a stylesheet directory in the root of this repository.

Installing stuff

Run bundle install in this directory to install the required packages. You might need the gcc, libxml2, and libxml2-dev packages in addition to ruby on cygwin or Ubuntu. If bundle wasn't found, try gem install bundler first.

Rake tasks

To pull down, process, and reupload a stylesheet, use rake reddit:refresh.

To compile and upload the CSS, use rake reddit:push.

To compile the CSS without uploading it, use rake reddit:compile. Output will be saved to the build directory.

If you want to override the default subreddit or stylesheet, try something like rake reddit:refresh subreddit=teslore.