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maven-plugin: make targetFolder accessible via cmdline (add expression) #34

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Currently, one has to add the plugin to the pom.xml to use the maven-scalagen-plugin. As converting code from an existing maven project is usually an one-time-task, it makes much sense to use the plugin without any need to edit the pom.xml.

To do this use the following commandline:

$ mvn com.mysema.scalagen:scalagen-maven-plugin:0.1.2:main

Unfortunatelly, you can not configure the targetFolder that way, which is especially inconvenient when you already have some scala code in your project.


Add the "expression"-tag to the JavaDoc of the targetFolder field:

     * @parameter default-value="src/test/scala" expression="${targetFolder}"
    private String targetFolder;

Now you can run maven like this, to generate the converted code into another directory (here target/generated-for-review):

$ mvn com.mysema.scalagen:scalagen-maven-plugin:0.1.2:main -DtargetFolder=target/generated-for-review

Same applys for the test goal.

Many thanks for scalagen and the Maven plugin!

Tobias Roeser


Thanks for the bug report! This is now available in the release 0.1.3.

@timowest timowest closed this

Btw, something else you would like to have changed? Let me know if there are any Java patterns that could be better transformed into Scala.

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