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useless and incorrect super() generated #40

jmvanel opened this Issue · 7 comments

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In this example, title is transmitted by calling the ancestor constructor in the main constructor of BagWindow :

class BagWindow(var bag: Bag[_], title: String)
extends NarsFrame(title) with ActionListener with AdjustmentListener {

but scalagen generates an useless and incorrect super() ( line 53 ) :

The Java source:

The generated Scala :

@timowest timowest referenced this issue from a commit
@timowest timowest #40 Add test c88f3e6

Could you provide a self contained test case for this issue?


Yes, my test didn't reproduce the problem.


About the GNU GPL problem, what if I simply provide the original Java source without licence, and a few names changed ?


If you have the copyright for the code, you could do that.


OK, you're right on this.
I don't want to bother Dr Pei Wang with this.

I perfectly understand that you want to stick to LGPL.
However, AFAIK, nothing prevents some GPL license code to be reused as input in testing another software.
The executable part of Scalagen will no code from NARS.

@timowest timowest referenced this issue from a commit
@timowest timowest #40 Add failing test case 3c8eea4

Released in 0.2.2

@timowest timowest closed this
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