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Fields/methods from boxed primitives don't compile #54

dnadolny opened this Issue · 1 comment

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If you have the java double d = Double.MAX_VALUE;, converting it gives val d = Double.MAX_VALUE, which doesn't compile because in Java an unqualified Double means java.lang.Double, but in Scala it means scala.Double which doesn't have a MAX_VALUE field, instead it has a MaxValue field.

This is the same with many other boxed primitives (Float, Byte, Short, etc), and any methods on them that are not present in Scala's version (eg Double.doubleToLongBits(1.0)).

There could be special cases for these fields and methods to replace them with the Scala equivalent when present, or to change unqualified Double/Float/etc to be fully qualified with java.lang otherwise.


Released in 0.3.1

@timowest timowest closed this
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