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Bad conversion - dropped method when calling #55

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Converting the Java double a = Double.valueOf("1.0"); gives the scala val a = "1.0". It should be val a = Double.valueOf("1.0").


Scala's own Double doesn't have it$

Is there an idiomatic Scala way to parse a String to Double? If not, then java.lang.Double.valueOf(arg) is the solution.

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I think the idiomatic Scala way would be arg.toDouble, using the implicit conversion to StringOps. StringOps.toDouble delegates to java.lang.Double.parseDouble(arg), which returns a double primitive.
This is different behavior from java.lang.Double.valueOf(arg), which returns the equivalent of new Double(parseDouble(arg)). You can see that by comparing (Java):

System.out.println(Double.valueOf("1.0") == Double.valueOf("1.0")); //false
System.out.println(Double.parseDouble("1.0") == Double.parseDouble("1.0")); //true

Since it's hard to get the Java behavior in Scala (you'd have to call valueOf, but worse than that is you would have to change all instances of == to eq to regain the reference equality check, which is only possible if you're converting all the code at once).
I think the best solution is to make it arg.toDouble, and let this be a "gotcha" with conversion, if anyone was relying on the Java behavior.


Thanks for the suggestion. For now the solution is the same as #54


Released in 0.3.1

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