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This will contain schematic / pcb files for upcomming MySensors GW module

Features :

  • 256Kb flash
  • 32Kb RAM
  • 48Mhz clock
  • onboard micro sd card reader
  • socket for NRF24L01 module
  • pads for RFM69 module
  • socket for W5100 ethernet module
  • Native USB port
  • 4 LED's (Red, Green, Yellow and Blue)
  • MYSx 2.6 with
    • Dedicated UART
    • Dedicated SPI
    • Dedicated Interrupts
    • I2C bus (shared with onboard eeprom)
  • ATSHA204 for signing
  • Onboard i2c eeprom
  • RTC module

for more info on this, visit mysensors forum thread on

External dependencies: