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A port of Mirrorboard (Randall Munroe and neale) for OS X. Revisited as A one-handed keyboard layout for people with demanding pets.

Original blog post: http://blog.xkcd.com/2007/08/14/mirrorboard-a-one-handed-keyboard-layout-for-the-lazy/

private.xml documentation can be found here: http://pqrs.org/macosx/keyremap4macbook/xml.html


  1. Install KeyRemap4MacBook from http://pqrs.org/macosx/keyremap4macbook/index.html
  2. Copy the <item> from private.xml into yours (or replace yours with this one). To find your private.xml, go to System Preferences -> KeyRemap4MacBook -> Misc & Uninstall -> Custom Setting -> Open private.xml
  3. Switch back to the Change Key tab and ReloadXML. Type Mirrorboard into the search box and the item should be in the list. Activate it and type with a happy pet by your side.