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History of JavaScript

About a year ago I had prepared talk about Modularity In JS. Then after some time I had decided to write article on this topic. It was a really fun process. To do the article more legit I contacted with stellar people from JS community and TC39 on twitter. In the process of research of JS modularity I figured out other facts about history of JS, that can be interesting to someone else.

Anyway the knowing of history of anything can give us a lot in the perspective and it's always interesting to know what persons are stand behind the particular technology. So I've decided to write a series of independent articles about JavaScript history. And who knows maybe in the future it will become a book. Anyway for me personally it's fun to figure out some facts and to learn something new about technology that I use everyday.

There is only one article at this moment ;). Because I write in my spare time and this process is not so fast as I would wanted.

Nevertheless, current plan is a series of this articles:

  1. Early Years of JavaScript (empty)
  2. Short History of UI Toolkits (empty)
  3. Rise of MVC (empty)
  4. Evolution of JS Modularity
  5. Bundlers as They Are (empty)
  6. Let's Transpile It (empty)
  7. Functional JavaScript (empty)
  8. Asynchronous JS: Fight with Complexity (work in progress)

Let's figure out the history of an emerging one of the most prevalent technologies to date.

P.S. As I am not native English speaker you can find some grammatical or other issues don't hesitate to help me out and do pull request with fixes ;)


Every article are under CC-BY-NC 4.0 license, to share this knowledge with many people as possible.

Every code example under MIT license.