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Plugin for chumby-controlpanel to show the current values of a local flukso
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dispvalues - 07.12.11

this is a small qt application for the chumby device.

it reads the sensor data from the flukso device specified and displays 
the nearly real-time consumption values - including moving averages
(1min, 15min). 
at the moment up to three sensors are supported (which is perfectly ok, 
since the flukso-meter also handles up to 3 sensors..)

there is also a graphical representation (plot) of the sensor data
displaying the consumption curve for the last 15 minutes; notice that 
the flukso only delivers the sensor values for the last 60 seconds, so
it takes about 15 minutes to gather values for a 15 minutes timeframe..

WARNING: there no guarantee whatsorever for this application since it's 
a work-in-progress project. 


- qt 4.7+ libs
- qt-json parser ( (allready included!)

NOTE: qt should be compiled with "qvfb" support, if you want to run the 
application on a development machine...

quick make:

1. checkout 
2. run "qmake" in project dir
3. make
4. run "./dispvalues -qws"
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