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HexaBus - the Kraken of Home Automation!

New users:

If you just got your Hexabus hardware, please have a look at the article "Setting up your Hexabus" on how to set it up.

Interested in buying hardware? Register to be notified as soon as we have devices available for sale.

Our open-source wireless home automation system is now (almost) available. The facts:

  • Devices communicate using 6LoWPAN on 868MHz.
    • Each device has a globally unique IPv6 address
    • Communication can be routed to, from, and through existing IP networks (WLAN, Internet, ...)
  • No central control instance!
    • Inputs to the network are broadcast, each device decides what to do based on its internal programming.
    • Control programs can be created on a PC and uploaded to devices wirelessly.
  • Embedded devices running Contiki, a nice little operating system with support for networking (UDP, TCP, ICMP, ...) and processes.
  • Network traffic is encrypted using AES128, implemented in hardware.
  • Both hardware and software are open source and provide excellent interfaces for hacking (both hardware and software).

Have a look at the article "Setting up your Hexabus" on how to set up your own Hexabus.


  • 05.12.2012 - Test setup with Hexabus Compiler and shiny new network routing has been installed.
  • 06.12.2011 - The hardware has been delivered.
  • 08.09.2011 - Production of the hardware has begun.

Contact the developers

We have two mailing lists:

You can follow Hexabus on Twitter: @6bus!

Some of us also hang out on IRC - join #hexabus on hackint.


If you want to add information here, by all means feel free to do so. But please read the article on "Editing" first.

PC Software

programming and communicating with a Hexabus network from your PC


interfacing the Hexabus with other devices


useful(?) things built using Hexabus hardware

Low Level

documents you need for development and hardware hacking

More documentation can be found here:


protcol definition and design

If you want to dive deeper into the inner workings of the Hexabus, this PDF is a good starting point.


keeping track of things


old documents...

  • Hexabus Concepts -- Brain dump from the network protocol development.
  • Fieldtest -- Field test done at Chaos Communication Camp 2011.
  • Routing tests -- Documentation from the routing software development.
  • OpenWRT Guide -- old guide on how to set up an OpenWRT router for use with Hexabus.

Old news

  • 17.08.2011 - There will be another fieldtest on Sat, Aug 20th. at the TU Kaiserslautern, building 48. The same rules as for the Fieldtest at the Camp are valid.
  • 08.08.2011 - At the Chaos Communication Camp 2011, there will be a fieldtest with beta devices. Read more on the Fieldtest page.
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