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Hexabus Fieldtest

When and where

The fieldtest takes place at the C3MA village at the Chaos Communication Camp 2011, see You can drop by and we try to equip you with demo devices. If you have questions, feel free to send an email to *dalheimer.ä*.


Each participant will have the opportunity to work with the HexaBus devices (see below) and play around. Both soft- and hardware can be modified. Our goal is to identify problems before we do the full production run. In return, each participant will receive a HexaBus set -- official devices of the production run, no beta devices.

Please adhere to the following rules:

  • If you find a problem, please report it to the issue tracker. This is the only way for us to ensure that you get a nice and stable HexaBus.
  • If you think one of the wiki pages is ${incomplete|buggy|whatever}, don't hesitate to fix it.
  • If you want to hack away, please fork the repository and commit to your fork. If you feel that your code should be included in the official HexaBus repository, send a pull request.
  • If you want to modify hardware, talk to Mathias *before* opening/modifying/etc. We have already opened components, so please use them before opening a new one.
  • We have all kinds of tools with us. Please help us to make sure we take everything back home.
As a small on-site thank you, you can also rely on the flat white, espresso etc. provided by the ChaosCoffeeControl guys.


We have

  • six Buffalo wifi routers WZR-HP-G300NH
  • n HexaBus Plugs
  • m Hexabususbsticks
Please don't install the wifi drivers on the routers - we are not allowed to set up our own wlan networks on site.

Each router is labeled `HBFT#`, where the # represents a number from 1 to 6.

Device MAC address
HBFT1 00:24:a5:da:f9:31
HBFT2 02:24:a5:da:f8:09
HBFT3 00:24:a5:da:fa:25
HBFT4 00:24:a5:da:f9:8a
HBFT5 00:24:a5:da:fa:07
HBFT6 00:24:a5:da:fb:30


  • Each router has its own private subnet. As described on the Getting Started page, the local subnet is configured with an [bbbb::0/64] IPv6 subnet.
  • The router's WAN interfaces are connected to a central switch, the subnets in use here are and [babe::0/64].
  • The central switch is connected to an access router (Linksys WRT54G, supplied by Heckpiet), which routes to and from the internet. Also firewalling is done here - outgoing traffic is okay, incoming will be blocked.

packing list (for convenience reasons, this list is in german)

Stuff we bring (and intend to return):

  • Kabeltrommel (2x)
  • Mehrfachsteckdose (mehrer)
  • 16A CEE Verlängerung (rot) 5m
  • CEE/Schuko Adapter (2x)
  • Werkzeugtasche (DK)
    • Multimeter
    • Seitenschneider
    • Kombizange
    • Flachrundzange
    • Adernendhülsenzange
    • Cuttermesser
    • Flachrundzange (Elektronik)
    • Wiha Schraubendreher
      • PH1
      • PH2
      • 5.5
      • 4.5
      • 0.6
      • 0.4
    • Patchkabel
    • Kabelbinder
    • Duct Tape
    • Spiegelklebeband
    • Adernendhülsen
    • Wagoklemmen (2fach, 3fach, 5fach)
    • Stifte (Tinte, Permanent)
  • Werkzeugtasche (MD)
    • mega Kombizange
    • Elektronikseitenschneider
    • Seitenschneider
    • Knipex Abisolierzange
    • Wiha Schraubendreher
      • PH1
      • PH2
      • 5.5
      • 4.5
      • 0.6
      • 0.4
    • Multimeter
    • Cuttermesser
    • Wera Bitsatz
    • Crimpzange Kabelschuh
    • Duct Tape
    • Kabelbinder
  • Werkzeugtasche (DSO)
    • Agilent DSO
    • 2x Messspitze
    • Kaltgerätekabel
  • Buffalo Router (6x)
  • Drehstromverteiler
  • E27 Fassungen
  • Schukostecker
  • Leuchtmittel (20x)
  • Feuchtraumleuchtstoffwannenleuchten (4x)
  • Flukso (2x)
  • Chumby (2x)
  • Werkzeugkasten
    • Atmel JTAG ICE (2x)
    • Programmieradapter-Bausatz
    • USB-Hub (2x)
  • Brother PTouch & Bänder
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