HexaPi setup

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Make sure you have an SD card ready, 8GB in size or larger. Smaller cards will not work.

Setup of a HexaPi and registration with the mySmartGrid portal requires only a few steps:

  • download the SD card image and write it to your SD card, e.g. using dd: xzcat raspi-image.img.xz | dd of=/dev/<sdcard> bs=64k oflag=direct
  • mount the second partition of the SD card and write a static IP configuration to etc/network/interfaces. Alternatively keep the the default setting (aquire IP address via DHCP) and find the IP address of the Pi using other methods
  • connect your Pi to your network, plug in the Hexabus USB stick and the SD card. Boot the Pi and wait a few minutes
  • log in to your Pi, using hexabus as both username and password, and run hexabus_msg_bridge -A. This prints an activation code to the console. Go to https://www.mysmartgrid.de/device/mylist and enter the activation code.
  • Done!
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