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The usb stick is the gateway between the 6LoWPAN network and your usual WLAN/Ethernet network. From the IP network side, the 6LoWPAN devices appear as IPv6 devices. The conversion between IPv6 and 6LoWPAN happens in the USB stick. Then, the packets are sent into the radio network on 868 MHz.

The internals of the USB stick (including JTAG adapter)

The USB stick provides two USB endpoints:

  • The USB-CDC endpoint. This is a standard USB profile that presents a modem device to the host computer. Under Linux, this will result in an "usb0" interface, MacOSX likewise. For Windows, you need to use the provided driver (not currently available).
  • A serial interface provides you with access to the JackDaw mode, a network sniffer. This is very useful for debugging the 6LoWPAN communication on the air interface. HINT: Wireshark also parses 6LoWPAN packets. More information about this is available on the Wiresharksniffing page.

LED signals

LEDs off: no power supply or rather not connected to a USB port

LED glowing green: normal operation

LED flashing red (slow): in provisioning state

LED flashing red (fast): in bootloader

LED flashing green (3x slow): provisioning successfully completed

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