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A connector between hexabus and the web

The hexanode consists of programs that connect other devices to the hexabus network. There is a web frontend that can display sensor information and aggregated measurements such as the power grid infeed. The aggregated values are calculated within another program. In addition, there is an interface program for MIDI pads (right now the AKAI LPD8) that transforms MIDI messages to hexabus packets.


  • boost 1.48 (use package libboost1.48-all on ubuntu)
  • alsa & rtmidi
  • cpp-netlib: Installation notes
  • a recent version of node (0.8.X)

Installation notes (for Intersolar)

MIDI Interface

You need to specify the MIDI input port using -p:

$ hxbnode -p 2

Web frontend

The web frontend consists of a node.js frontend that provides a responsive HTML5 interface, and a backend which integrates with the hexabus network and forwards certain measurements to the web frontend.

For the frontend, please install node v0.8X manually. Then:

$ cd webfrontend
$ npm install
$ node app.js  # or plain node

For the backend:

$ push_values -u localhost:3000 -i eth3

Simulation of domestic energy flows

$ simulate_energyflows -i eth3 -c etc/simulation.ini 
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