Find out which ward you'll be in after the May 2016 boundary changes.
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Which ward am I in?

A small project that uses MapIt to query ward boundaries and show users whether their local government ward will change in the coming election.


This is a fairly standard Django project, but because it uses MapIt, you need to set up a GeoDjango database and have the associated GIS dependencies on your system. The best resource for this is the Django docs. You can also take a look at the MapIt install docs.

Once you have the necessary dependencies in place, you just need to copy conf/general.yml-example to conf/general.yml and adjust the appropriate settings to point it to your database.

Getting data

This project was designed to run off the data made available from the Ordnance Survey in the UK, as per MapIt GB. Again, see the MapIt docs for a better explanation about how to get those into your database. After you have the standard boundaries in, the code also expects you to load some "new" ward boundaries in, with the type code 16W. We got these from:

Note: these latter boundaries are a bit different than the usual Boundary Line data. We used the basic mapit_import management command to load them in, rather than the UK-specific ones. We then manually added their ONS codes using a script.