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-A theme for the Alaveteli admin interface that uses Twitter's
-Bootstrap project to prettify it. It depends on (and is the default
-admin theme for) Alaveteli verion 0.6 or above.
+This theme (for the Alaveteli admin interface) has now been merged into the [main Alaveteli project](
-If you want to work on the CSS, you'll want to use
-[bootstrap-sass]( Do something like:
- $ gem install bootstrap-sass
- $ gem install compass
- $ compass compile --config .compass/config.rb
-The javascript is included in a funky way
-[for reasons explained in this commit](
-To change it, edit the coffeescript at
-`lib/view/general/`, and then do something like:
- $ coffee -o /tmp/ -c lib/views/general/
- $ mv /tmp/admin.js lib/views/general/admin_js.erb
-[tags]( for the correct version of the code to use with your version of Alaveteli.
+See [the commit]( in the main project that merged things.
+The new instructions for doing development work on the administration interface for Alaveteli can be found [here](

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