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What proportion of users enter on the homepage?

Is existing research that states most users don't enter the site on the homepage applicable to Alaveteli installs?


TL;DR 15-20%

On average, only around 15-20% of users enter on the homepage. This means that up to 85% of users enter on a page other than the homepage. We should ensure the most popular landing pages adequately explain what the site does.


Behaviour > Site Content > Landing Pages


Site Country Since Site Launch February 2016
KiMitTud Hungary 17.08% 14.77%
RightToKnow Australia 25.29% 24.75%
Imamo pravo znati Croatia 28.04% 17.35%
AskTheEU EU 22.29% 24.95%
WhatDoTheyKnow UK Didn't work! 8.38%