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<% @title = "Making requests" %>
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<% if params[:country_name] %>
<h1><%= _("Would you like to see a website like this in your country?") %></h1>
<% else %>
<h1>Powered by Alaveteli</h1>
<% end %>
<p>This website is powered by Alaveteli. Alaveteli is free software
for making Freedom of Information requests. It can easily be
translated into any language, and customised for variations of FOI
<p>The development of Alaveteli is sponsored and supported by a
number of foundations and charities who are interested in
transparency across the world.</p>
<p>If you would like to set up an Alaveteli website in your own
country, we can help. You will need a few days to get the site
configured and ready to use, and will then have to spend at least an
hour a week moderating and managing the site (more for busy
<p>Read more on the <a href="">Alaveteli
website</a>, or <a href="">drop us an
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