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<% @title = "Credit where credit’s due" %>
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<h1 id="credits"><%= @title %> <a href="#credits">#</a> </h1>
<p>Alaveteli, the software that powers <%= site_name %>, is a project of <a href="">mySociety</a>, a UK organisation. mySociety builds websites that empower citizens to hold authorities to account. And this is one of those sites.</p>
<dt id="development">Development <a href="#development">#</a></dt>
Hearty cheers to <a href="">Alaveteli</a>&rsquo;s many <a href="">contributors</a>.</p>
<dt id="helpus">How to help <a href="#helpus">#</a></dt>
<dt id="volunteer">Become a volunteer <a href="#volunteer">#</a></dt>
<p>If you have a passion for transparency, a great deal of patience, and a bit of spare time, consider becoming one of <%= site_name %>'s volunteer admin team. Work includes user support, helping to resolve legal issues, and shaping the site’s direction, and is primarily managed via email.</p>
<p>In the first instance, <%= link_to 'get in touch', help_contact_path %>.</p>
<dt id="donate">Make a donation <a href="#donate">#</a></dt>
<p>mySociety, Alaveteli's parent organisation, is a charity. WhatDoTheyKnow, our most-visited Alaveteli site, costs thousands of pounds each year, for overheads such as servers, maintenance and development.</p>
<p>Your contributions, however small, really help. <a href="">Donate here</a>.</p>
<dt id="classification">Sort things out <a href="#classification">#</a></dt>
<p>Admin can be fun! Help people find successful requests, and monitor performance of authorities, by <a href="<%= categorise_play_path %>">playing the categorisation game</a>.</p>
<p>Or be a dear, and find out FOI email addresses of <a href="<%= help_requesting_path(:anchor => 'missing_bodies') %>">authorities that we're missing</a>.</p>
<dt id="promote">Spread the word <a href="#promote">#</a></dt>
<p>We don’t have a massive marketing budget, so word of mouth really helps.</p>
<li>Write a blog post about <%= site_name %>, or an interesting request that you've found.</li>
<li>Post about the site, and what you can do with it, on a forum that you frequent.</li>
<li>Tell friends about it.</li>
<li>Let your local newspaper or community magazine know how useful we are.</li>
<li>Give a talk.</li>
<li><%= mail_to '', 'Ask us for leaflets', :encode => "javascript" %> to leave in your local library or coffee shop.</li>
<dt id="code">Improve our code <a href="#code">#</a></dt>
<p>Seen something that could work better? If you're a programmer, <a href="">get the source code</a> for our parent project, <a href="">Alaveteli</a> and send us a pull request. <%= site_name %> is coded in <a href="">Ruby on Rails</a>.</p>
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