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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
my $root;
BEGIN { # add the local perllibs too
# Can't use Path::Class here as we'd load the old debian one.
$root = __FILE__ =~ m{^(.*)/(web|bin)/\.\..*$} ? $1 : `pwd`;
# Set the environment for the FixMyStreet project
# Add the lib/perl5 in perl-external so that we can load local::lib from there
use lib "$root/local/lib/perl5";
# Add the perl-external dirs properly using local::lib
use local::lib "$root/local";
use lib "$root/commonlib/perllib";
use lib "$root/perllib";
for ( "$root/commonlib/perllib", "$root/perllib" ) {
# need to make sure we fetch this after our libs are in INC as some
# vendor provided versions are old an incompatible with Moose
use List::MoreUtils 'uniq';
# also set the path to our scripts etc
$ENV{PATH} = join ':', uniq "$root/bin", split( m/:/, $ENV{PATH} );
# we might want to require this file to configure something like a CGI script
if ( $0 eq __FILE__ ) {
my @keys = sort 'PATH', grep { m{^PERL} } keys %ENV;
print "export $_='$ENV{$_}'\n" for @keys;
print 'export PS1="(fms) $PS1"' . "\n";
print << "STOP";
# $0 - set up the environment for FixMyStreet.
# This script can be used one of two ways:
# With arguments executes the arguments with the environment correctly set -
# intended for things like the cron jobs:
# $0 env
# Or if no arguments prints out the bash shell commands needed to set up the
# environment - which is useful when developing. Use this to set your current
# shell:
# eval `$0`
else {
# we were just required - unload some modules to prevent old code
# getting in the way of loading newer code from the newly set directories.
# use an eval to prevent needing Class::Unload before perl-external properly
# setup
eval "use Class::Unload";
die $@ if $@;
my @modules =
grep { m/File::/ }
map { s{\.pm$}{}; s{/}{::}g; $_ }
grep { m{\.pm$} }
keys %INC;
for (@modules) {
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