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use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More;
use YAML;
use FixMyStreet;
# check that all the fields listed in general.yml-example are also present in
# general.yml - helps prevent later test failures due to un-noticed additions to the
# config file.
# This code will bail_out to prevent the test suite proceeding to save time if
# issues are found.
# load the config file and store the contents in a readonly hash
my $example_config = YAML::LoadFile( FixMyStreet->path_to("conf/general.yml-example") );
my $local_config = YAML::LoadFile( FixMyStreet->path_to("conf/general.yml") );
# find all keys missing from each config
my @missing_from_example = find_missing( $example_config, $local_config );
my @missing_from_local = find_missing( $local_config, $example_config );
if ( @missing_from_example || @missing_from_local ) {
fail "Missing from 'general.yml': $_" for @missing_from_local;
fail "Missing from 'general.yml-example': $_" for @missing_from_example;
# bail out to prevent other tests failing due to config issues
BAIL_OUT( "Config has changed"
. " - update your 'general.yml' and add/remove the keys listed above" );
else {
pass "configs contain the same keys";
sub find_missing {
my $reference = shift;
my $config = shift;
my @missing = ();
foreach my $key ( sort keys %$config ) {
push @missing, $key unless exists $reference->{$key};
return @missing;
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