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Update to v1.2.1.

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@@ -14,10 +14,18 @@ RSS alerts of problems in their area.
It was created in 2007 by [mySociety]( for reporting
problems to UK councils and has been copied around the world. The FixMyStreet
-Platform is now at version 1.2.
+Platform is now at version 1.2.1.
## Releases
+* v1.2.1 (5th June 2013)
+ - Maintenance release to deal with failing carton installation
+ - Test and module fixes for installation on Debian wheezy
+ - Module fixes for running on Travis
+ - The install script adds gem environment variables to the user's .bashrc
+ so that make_css can be run directly after installation
+ - make_css automatically spots which cobrands use compass
+ - Some missing states added to the admin report edit page
* v1.2 (3rd May 2013)
- Add MAPIT_ID_WHITELIST to allow easier use of global MapIt
- Add postfix to the install script/ AMI so emailing works out of the box
2 bin/
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
# Set this to the version we want to check out

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