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Commits on Oct 6, 2015
  1. @davea

    [Zurich] Fix map on /reports

    davea authored
  2. @davea

    Fix display of comment photos

    davea authored
    These still use the old method of storing photos, not PhotoSet, and
    so don't have a get_photoset method.
  3. @davea

    Merge branch 'zurich-2015-dev-candidate'

    davea authored
    This is the work done in early 2015 to improve the Zürich admin interface, primarily.
  4. @davea
  5. @stevenday @davea

    [Zurich] Fix map positioning on report pages

    stevenday authored davea committed
  6. @davea

    [Zurich] Set report's public response before sending email to user

    davea authored
    The 'public response' to a problem was being omitted from the email sent to the
    user when the problem is closed, because the email was sent before the report's
    'extra' field was updated with the response body text.
    This commit sets the public response on the problem before sending the email.
  7. @stevenday @davea

    Base 64 decode uploaded images if required

    stevenday authored davea committed
    The new Zurich app has to base64 encode some images into a multipart
    request so that it can (ab)use Phonegap's FileTransfer plugin to send
    more than one image in a single request to /report/new/mobile.
    Catalyst's Request::Upload module doesn't look at the
    Content-Transfer-Encoding header inside multipart requests to do
    this automatically, so we perform the decoding manually when we
    process the images in the PhotoSet model.
  8. @osfameron @davea

    [Zurich] Update de_CH .po file

    osfameron authored davea committed
  9. @davea
  10. @davea
  11. @davea

    [Zurich] Display message sent to user when report is closed

    davea authored
    On the report admin page, include the message the user received when the report was closed.
    See mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#718
  12. @davea
  13. @davea
  14. @davea
  15. @davea

    [Zurich] Ask for confirmation when rotating photo if other fields hav…

    davea authored
    …e changed.
    Because there is no easy way to do the photo rotation asynchronously, make sure
    the user is aware that any changes they've made to the other form fields will
    be lost when clicking the rotate photo buttons.
    See mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#690
  16. @davea
  17. @davea

    [Zurich] Add JS validation for external body field

    davea authored
    Ensures that an external body has been selected if the field is visible.
    See mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#718
  18. @davea
  19. @davea

    [Zurich] Improve display of external body message when present

    davea authored
    Make external/competent body message read-only and
    displayed like public response when submitted.
    See mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#718
  20. @davea

    [Zurich] Make sure external/competent body message is saved

    davea authored
     - Only send external_message when the problem state has the correct value
     - But make sure the message is preserved for editing when problem state is 'planned'
    See mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#718
  21. @davea
  22. @davea

    [Zurich] Restore display of user links on admin stats page

    davea authored
    The 'c' variable used in the category loop was clobbering an existing
    variable used in admin/footer.html to render the summary/logout links.
  23. @davea
  24. @davea
  25. @zarino @davea

    [Zurich] Add maps to Zurich admin report print view

    zarino authored davea committed
     - Includes a small map at the top of the first page and a second
       full-width map on a separate page.
     - upgrades tiles to the new 512px ones already used by JS
       as implemented in mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#668
     - Uses jQuery to clone a copy of the "noscript" map elsewhere into
       the DOM, because the original is too far from where we need it.
     - extracts maps/openlayers.html to call maps/noscript_map.html
     - specialises the Zurich version to allow a richer structure to be
       returned, including arbitrary sized map
     - Map::Zurich now returns nearly arbitrary sized map tiles
     - second larger map is prepared (only for admin/report_edit)
    See mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#677
  26. @zarino @davea

    [Zurich] 2-column layout for printed reports

    zarino authored davea committed
     - Involves a not-as-bad-as-it-looks refactoring of the HTML markup for
        report_edit.html and report_edit-sdm.html, with some actual indentation
        so you can tell what's going on, and definition lists to give the
        label/content pairs more logical structure.
     - Also replaces .report-edit-action with .print-only and .screen-only
        which are less semantic, but much more obvious to newcomers.
     - Allows SDMs to enlarge images on report edit page
     - Displays category in report edit form on screen as well as in print
    See mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#677
  27. @zarino @davea

    [Zurich] UI improvements for DM/SDM report edit admin

    zarino authored davea committed
     - Styling for "Updated!" message
        The message shown on form submission no longer pushes both columns
        down, and disappears after 5 seconds.
     - Make "time spent" labels inline to save space
     - Simplify display of report admin category dropdown
     - Change order of report admin inputs for Division Managers
    See mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#690
  28. @osfameron @davea

    [Zurich] Tweaks to redirect

    osfameron authored davea committed
    See mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#690
    I understand redirection to summary page was introduced at ZWN's request,
    to make it easy to
    process reports and then quickly move onto the next one.
    However, during testing now, Tobias has mentioned this is a) slowing
    things down and b) confusing because it's not obvious that the report
    has been saved.
    I've tried to address (b) by adding the "Aktualisiert!" message when
    you are redirected.
    Also, for (a) I've removed the redirection from a few cases, and
    disabled it for superuser.  If need be, I can remove redirection from
    more (or all) cases.
    Fix Official answer/Reply to user
     - hide label for status update on state change
     - correct wording on button for closure (single wording)
     - correct wording on label for user reply (either "Official answer" or "Reply to user" as appropriate)
     - Make sure the official response texts are shown for edit/static as appropriate, and test.
     - javascript improvements
     - honour public status update for Extern/Wunsch too
     - don't show public message for Wunsch
     - Ignore all other fields when rotating photos.
       (See mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#718)
  29. @osfameron @davea

    [Zurich] additional closure statuses work

    osfameron authored davea committed
    1: DM to be able to mark a problem as Wish, Extern, Not contactable,
    Hidden, Jurisdiction unknown
    2: SDM to be able to mark a problem as Not contactable.
    3: DM to be able to add information to such a problem, and trigger
    emails to external agencies, and to user, closing the problem at the
    same time.
    4: Closed reports must be categorized as Wish/Extern/NC/Hidden/JU for
    statistical reporting
    5: Non-closed reports must appear as open, to allow DM to see them in
    the list, similar to what is currently done for Ruckmeldung Ausstehend
    (Feedback outstanding).
    5b: however "Hidden" problems must be immediately hidden from public
    a) Requirement 1 will be carried out in exactly the same way by
    DM.  e.g. Category dropdown select
    b) Requirement 2 will be carried out in exactly the same way by SDM.
    e.g. "Not contactable" button
    c) BUT, for a), c), the category will be diverted to "Ruckmeldung
    Ausstehend" (Feedback outstanding), and metadata will be saved with the
    appropriate closure type.
    d) NOTE: this means the report will still be visible to public as "In
    bearbeitung" (Except for Hidden reports, as per 5b)
    e) The extra fields will be presented on the "Ruckmeldung Ausstehend"
    page, just as defined in the PDF, depending on the metadata.  e.g.
        - Wish: Zustaendige Stelle + Message
        - Extern: External body + Message2
        - Not contactable: (no extra info)
        - Hidden: (no extra info)
        - Jurisdiction unknown: (no extra info)
    f) When the DM publishes the answer (e.g. "Antwort Veroeffentlichen"
    button), the state will normally change to Fixed. BUT in the new cases,
    the metadata saved in step c) will be checked, and the report will
    change state to Wish/Extern/Not contactable/Hidden/Jurisdiction unknown,
    as appropriate.  The report will now be visible/hidden as previously
    discussed depending on the new state.
    g) If the report is edited again (in /admin/report_edit) it will be in
    the relevant state, and any extra fields will be visible as per e).
    Those fields may be updated.
    Alternatively, the state may be changed, possibly triggering a) again,
    and clearing any metadata.
     - Fix javascript interactions 690
     - show new statuses in summary
     - fix photos on SDM page
     - fix Planned => Planned+metadata transition
     - stop "assignation .select" js affecting templates
     - fix redirection for Extern and generally
    See mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#672, mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#690
  30. @zarino @davea
  31. @zarino @davea
  32. @zarino @davea

    [Zurich] improve admin view density for small screens

    zarino authored davea committed
    See mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#674, mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#673
     - two-column layout on admin map pages
     - tightening up admin button sizes and optional labels
     - stack admin notes vertically, to avoid overflowing table layout
     - improve display of zurich admin notes and answers
     - only print admin note headings if there are notes
     - slightly shorter textareas in admin UI
     - simplify display of non-editable problem info, as per customer’s suggestion
  33. @dracos @davea

    [Zurich] Updated email templates

    dracos authored davea committed
     - submit-external-wish.txt includes a link with report's coordinates, template values are interpolated
  34. @osfameron @davea

    [Zurich] admin workflow changes available states

    osfameron authored davea committed
    See mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#690
     - external_message for Extern/Wunsch states
     - as per PDF mockups, the "public response" field is now editable
       from more states, namely:
        - Ruckmeldung ausstehend
        - Extern
        - Zustandigkeit unbekannt
        - Wunsch
        - Nicht kontaktierbar
        - Unsichtbar
     - test fixes
        NB: slight hack to reorder Zurich report_display tests
        As these remove 'investigating' from hidden_states, these break
        tests for default cobrand (the FMS::App code expects to be called
        once on request start, not multiple times within one test)
     - Not contactable button
        and tests for this and the similar `send_back` functionality
        (previously untested).
        NB: Unsure why we need to specify form_number=2 just for these submits,
        but test won't find the buttons otherwise.
     - Make sure SDMs' "time_spent" figure is recorded.
       (See mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#718)
  35. @osfameron @davea

    [Zurich] new status flags

    osfameron authored davea committed
    Have moved the generation of banner text from the template into
    See mysociety/FixMyStreet-Commercial#672
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