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Version 2.4.1

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@dracos dracos released this 03 Oct 12:19
· 5095 commits to master since this release
  • New features:
    • Support for storing photos in AWS S3. #2253
  • Front end improvements:
    • Import end point can optionally return a web page #2225
    • Clicking the "Report" header links on the homepage now focusses the #pc search input #2237
    • Speed up fetching lists of bodies. #2248
    • Improve vertical alignment of navigation menu in Internet Explorer 9–11.
    • Mobile menu button no longer uses -9999px text-indent hack.
    • HTML email template for confirming "partial" reports #2263
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fix display of area/pins on body page when using Bing or TonerLite map.
    • Do not scan through all problems to show /_dev pages.
    • Say “Set password”, not Change, if no password set.
    • Do not lose from_body field when edited by non-superuser admin.
    • Fix history API bug with category/state selection.
  • Development improvements:
    • Cobrand hook for disabling updates on individual problems.
    • Cobrand hook for disallowing title moderation. #2228
    • Cobrand hook for per-questionnaire sending. #2231
    • Add option for configuring memcache server.
    • Add Blackhole send method. #2246
    • Add script to list/diff template changes in core that might need applying to a cobrand.
    • Move away from FastCGI in sample conf/sysvinit config.
    • Customised Vagrant box available, with an override option.
    • Add Dockerfile and example Docker Compose setup.
    • Add a sample systemd unit file for the Catalyst application server.