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Version 3.0.1

@dracos dracos released this
· 1745 commits to master since this release
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  • Admin improvements:
    • Order unsent reports by confirmed date. #2911
    • Disable staff private tickbox on new reports if category is private. #2961
    • Provide access to staff-only categories in admin. #2925 #2958
    • Move stats from main admin index to stats index. #2982
    • Speed up dashboard export and report search. #2988
    • Allow a template to be an initial update on reports. #2973
  • Front end improvements:
    • Allow anonymous updating if anonymous reporting enabled.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Application user in Docker container can't install packages. #2914
    • Look at all categories when sending reports.
    • Fixes the To header when sending emails about inactive accounts. #2935
    • Recent reports, use same query regardless of cache. #2926 #2999
    • Match body construction on Around with New setup.
    • Only one duplicate call in progress at once. #2941
    • Stop double escape in Google Maps URL.
    • Refactor/stop double escape in report nav link. #2956
    • Maintain group on pin move with same category in multiple groups. #2962
    • Remove unnecessary margin-right on #postcodeForm. #3010
    • Fix sorting by most commented on /around map view. #3013
  • Development improvements:
    • Refactor Script::Report into an object. #2927
    • Move summary failures to a separate script. #2927
    • Add generic import categories from JSON script.
    • Add script to export/import body data. #2905
    • Add fetch script that does combined job of fetch-comments and fetch-reports. #2689
    • Allow fetch script to parallelize fetching. #2689
    • Do all retry timeout or skip checks in database. #2947
    • Show error page when submitting with web param to /import. #2233
    • Add a dæmon option for sending reports and updates. #2924
    • Update Getopt::Long::Descriptive to stop warning. #3003
  • Open311 improvements:
    • Allow save/drop of row extra during sending. #2788
    • Match response templates on external status code over state. #2921
    • Add flag to protect category/group names from Open311 overwrite. #2986
  • Documentation:
    • Remove part about restricting access to /admin. #2937
  • UK:
    • Added junction lookup, so you can search for things like "M60, Junction 2". #2918