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This is mySociety's popular map-based reporting platform: easy to install in new countries and regions

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Welcome to FixMyStreet Platform

FixMyStreet Platform is an open source project to help people run websites for reporting common street problems such as potholes and broken street lights to the appropriate authority.

Users locate problems using a combination of address and sticking a pin in a map without worrying about the correct authority to report it to. FixMyStreet then works out the correct authority using the problem location and type and sends a report, by email or using a web service such as Open311. Reported problems are visible to everyone so they can see if something has already been reported and leave updates. Users can also subscribe to email or RSS alerts of problems in their area.

It was created in 2007 by mySociety for reporting problems to UK councils and has been copied around the world.


We're working hard to make FixMyStreet Platform easy to install and re-use in other countries - please see our site at for help and documentation in installing FixMyStreet Platform.


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