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Make it clearer how to support issues #363

MyfanwyNixon opened this Issue Sep 2, 2011 · 3 comments

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mySociety member

1 Sep email: "Visitors to an already created issue/campaign page need clearer pointer to how they can support / endorse it"

  • am rather surprised to see this, given massive button!

I just came here to add this issue, but I see you've already added it.

The problem is if you're not signed in already - then there is no indication that support is possible.

I think perhaps the email of 1 Sep is talking about a "problem" rather than an "issue" - and so am I - but I really want to support this person with the problem above, and clearly so does the emailer!

@annapowellsmith <-- This was the one that inspired me to report the bug, actually - I really want to support it, as it directly affects me all the time!

Can you turn it into a campaign somehow?

mySociety member

Hi Anna,
You could be right about problem vs campaign: the thinking at the moment goes that those posting one-off problems don't want support or comments - they just want to quickly send a communication to the operator, while those setting up a campaign have bought into the more communal experience.

The user (as you know) is given the choice between these two options at 'submit'. There's no chance to "upgrade" a problem to a campaign later, although Louise can do it back-end if requested. In this case it'd have to be the original user's call.

All this will become academic if we go through with what I believe is the plan, to do away with the distinction and make everything a campaign by default. Meanwhile you've discovered the non-intuitive use of the 'update' button which does allow you to leave a comment. I think if you want to support it as a campaign, you'll have to set it up as one yourself... and then you could ask that person to join you.

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