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Hackney FOI prototype

FOI and SAR request forms, for user testing.


git submodule update --init
gem install jekyll
jekyll serve

About the baseurl

_config.yml defines a baseurl of /hackney-foi-prototype, making this repo suitable for instant deployment on Github Pages.

However, it also means, when running locally with jekyll serve, you’ll need to visit http://localhost:4000/hackney-foi-prototype/ (with a trailing slash) to see the site.

If you’d like your preview site to be available at http://localhost:4000 instead, you can override baseurl to an empty string, like so:

jekyll serve --baseurl ''

About the Sass styles

Most of the base styling comes from GOV.UK elements and the GOV.UK frontend toolkit, both of which are included as Git submodules, and then added to Jekyll’s Sass load_path by a few lines in _config.yml.

The custom load_paths trick means we don’t have to worry about the relative locations of our first-party code and the two third-party libraries, and @import statements between them just work without crazy long paths.

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