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MapIt is an open source project to help people run a web service that maps geographical points to administrative areas. It is useful for anyone who has the co-ordinates of a point on Earth, and who needs to find out what country, region, city, constituency, or state it lies within. It’s also great for looking up the shapes of all those boundaries.

It was created in 2003 by mySociety, a UK charity, for use by their various tools needing admin area lookup.


MapIt can be installed as a Django app, or as a standalone server. For full details, please see our site at for help and documentation.


mySociety runs public installations of MapIt that you might be able to use:

The above are free for non-commercial, low-volume use. For details of what constitutes "low-volume", and for commercial licensing arrangements, please consult MapIt pricing .

Rate limiting

Usage is rate limited by default; clients may be rate limited by IP address or by a User Token passed in the User-Agent: header. Clients may be excluded from the effects of rate limiting via the RATE_LIMIT option in the configuration file.

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