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Correct a test for polygons with too few points

Thanks to Jenny Duckett for pointing this error.  In fact, this
corrected version of the test is too brutal - we ignore the file
if any Polygon in the MultiPolygon has too few points.  In a
subsequent commit I will change this behaviour.
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1 parent 22383f3 commit 98a55c30ab0e893800d33ea54a9b8cc0a4574c99 @mhl mhl committed Nov 10, 2012
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2 mapit/management/commands/
@@ -219,7 +219,7 @@ def update_or_create():
# points (the final one being the same as the
# first), but just in case:
for polygon in g:
- if g.num_points < 4:
+ if polygon.num_points < 4:
poly = [ g ]

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