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countries [ZA] Add support for South Africa to MapIt
fixtures Move more data to country specific apps.
locale Improved string for i18n, and add missing quotes.
management Use stdout.write in find parents command.
middleware Updates for template changes in Django 1.8.
migrations Add HTML version of /generations endpoint.
south_migrations Add Python 3 support.
sql Put all of MapIt in one Django app, pull it out of the project so tha…
static/mapit [IT] Add URLs and base templates.
templates Add a missing {% endif %} endblock tag
templatetags Merge in i18n branch.
tests Use StreamingHttpResponse by default for JSON.
views Add i18n template tags, and Italian translation. Move project out of pylib. The final aim is to separate out a MapIt D… Fix flake8 warnings. [IT] Add URLs and base templates. Make sure CSS is compiled when running Stream data sent through output_html(). Use backport of Django 1.7's update_or_create. Set all_codes on Area directly, not via code_list. Cache 0, not '0', to avoid LocMem incr error. Updates for template changes in Django 1.8. Merge in i18n branch. Fix flake8 warnings.
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