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mySociety Developer Information

This site holds information for mySociety developers and volunteers, to help them produce better code, open better issues, and create pull requests more likely to be accepted.

This Site


This site is mostly compiled by magic – specifically Jekyll and Sass which will have to be installed before you can do anything.

Unless you have a good reason not to, you will probably want to use Bundler to install the ruby dependencies. Just run this from the root directory of this repo:

bundle install --path vendor/bundle

Also, make sure to check out the latest version of the theme submodule:

git submodule update --init


The HTML/Markdown pages and Sass styles are all compiled by Jekyll:

bundle exec jekyll serve

The website will be available at http://localhost:4000 and will recompile automatically when files are changed.


Since this site involves describing standards, changes should be properly controlled and discussed. This should be done through GitHub pull requests.

Substantial Changes

To propose substantial changes, such as a change in an actual standard, here's what to do:

  1. Branch master, giving your new branch a sensible name.
  2. Open a GitHub pull request from your feature branch to master. This is where debating the merits of changes should happen.
  3. When everybody is happy with the changes, merge the branch into master. The pull request on GitHub will close itself, and the published site will recompile.

Minor Changes

If you are making a minor, uncontentious change (such as updating a list of references or fixing a typo) then changes can be made directly on the master branch. The published site will recompile once changes are pushed to GitHub.