The scraper/parser that produces data for TheyWorkForYou, PublicWhip, etc
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You should probably install the following tools before attempting anything in this README, otherwise things may not work as expected (or at all):

Scrape data from

The source of data for the 2010 election onwards is This data is scraped and stored locally for parsing, but needs updating manually using the following process.

  1. Change to the scripts/datadotparl directory.
  2. Run ./crawl-members

Update from

The data.parliament data is used to generate a list of members positions (in ministers-2010.json) which includes government posts, opposition posts, parliamentary posts and committee memberships from the 2010 general election onwards.

Before updating, you should run the scraper.

  1. Change to the scripts/datadotparl directory.
  2. Run ./update-members to parse the XML and update things.